High performance web based DICOM viewer.


Uses latest HTML5 and javascript features for best performance.
Light weight for fast and seamless connectivity.
Optimized for Google Chrome.
Runs on Windows PC, Mac os and Linux.
Can handle MRI, CT, XRay, USG images.
Can be easily integrated to any RIS – PACS platform.
WADO-RS enabled, integrable with Google Drive.
Can load native DICOM and .ZIP files directly.
Load up to 16 DICOM series simultaneously.
MIP, 2D Orthogonal Transform in all three planes.
Manual and Auto sync scrolling.
Composite DICOM manipulation (blending, subtraction, delta).
Annotate, Label and save images in multiple formats.
Base version is free.
Completely online and does not require downloading.
User manual to be launched soon.
Works best with 2 or 3 button mouse with scroll wheel.

Coming Soon
PET CT fusion support.
Touch support for Android and iOS.
Integrated cancer staging.
Multiple radiology calculators.
Radiology anatomy atlas.
Web based DICOM segmentation or mask tool for AI.
Pathology image support.
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